I know it's unfortunately not possible for most teachers but I wonder what would happen if teachers quit en masse? Or at least organize a strike? Would that somehow force a societal change, for state/local governments to finally raise teachers' salaries to something commensurate to the sentiments we profess to hold towards teachers. But even in writing that, I'm afraid that it's not even remotely possible. Because pressure would not be applied where it matters most - on the rich and powerful. The rich and powerful have sheltered their kids in private schools which pay their teachers much better salaries (though unclear whether it is really commensurate with the importance of their role in society). One also wonders whether the teachers in the public schools in affluent neighborhoods, usually suburbs, would join in. So those that would be hurt would be the already unprivileged. And sadly, since the quality of teachers doesn't actually count, I expect municipalities may fill their schools again with whoever they can find, maybe even fewer in number, maybe even lower in quality than before. What is a good, practical way for teachers to improve their lot?

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